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What are super apps, digitalized world



What are super apps

Have you ever thought that instead of installing separate apps for each task in your mobile phone, there is a single portal that fulfills all your needs?

Whether you want to call a friend, send money to a loved one online, order a pizza, pay an electricity bill, book a ride, pay a child’s school fees or buy a movie ticket. You will need five to seven types of apps.

But what if all these facilities are available in a single app? This is called super app which is getting quite popular nowadays.

About 4,000 apps are registered on the Google Play Store every day, the total number of which has reached 3,480,000 by July 2022. About 2.2 million apps are registered on the Apple Store as well.

But only a few are super apps. A super app is a collection of multiple services that may not be similar to each other but are working together in a single app.

In the context of Pakistan, if Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps, Daraz and Easy Paisa are combined in one app, it will become a super app.

Some of the super apps:

China’s WeChat and Alipay, Singapore’s Grab, Indonesia’s GoTo, Vietnam’s Zalo and South Korea’s Kakao are super apps.
Most of them started as ride services or messaging apps and later expanded into financial services, food delivery, digital payments, gaming, travel booking, utility bill payments, airline ticketing, mobile phone top-ups, music streaming and social networking.

In today’s digital world, it is only natural for millions of users to connect with these apps. Especially in Asia, which has half of the world’s population, the reason for the success of these apps is the vast network of users.
Singapore’s Grab provides delivery, financial services and ride booking services to around 190 million customers in 428 cities across eight countries, including Thailand and Vietnam.

GoTo (GoTo) has become Indonesia’s largest tech company and a share of two percent of the GDP of one trillion dollars.

Super apps impact on economy:

kakao super apps

87% of the South Korean population is using Kakao. However, most super apps have been successful in Asia. Europe and the US, despite being ahead of the curve in technology, will see fewer super apps. There are several reasons for this.

The first reason is how quickly people in a region accept new technology. Smart technology is quickly gaining acceptance in countries where the majority of the population consists of young people. Asia’s majority population is also young and this is the first reason why most super apps are successful in Asia.

According to a report, in terms of the number of smartphone users, China and India are leading the world, while Japan and Indonesia are also among the first ten countries.
Another reason is easy access to internet and technology. Over the past two decades, Chinese companies have made high-quality, low-cost smartphones affordable for the common man. In addition, 73 percent of Chinese have access to the Internet.

These are the two driving forces behind Alipay and WeChat becoming super apps. You can also pay via Alipay or WeChat in a Chinese village. Any app usually starts with a half-service. For example, messaging, ride sharing or delivery service. After initial success, more services are added.

A successful super app in one country is not necessarily successful in another country. Success depends on how well app developers take into account local needs and issues.

gojek super apps

For example, Indonesia’s Gojek started as a bike ride and call center. At that time most people did not have mobile phones so the company provided easy loans to its bikers to buy mobile phones.

If you start a startup related to travel facilities, it is important that you have a thorough knowledge of the traffic situation and transport culture of your target area. In Lahore or Karachi, you cannot bring a model from China, Singapore or South Korea.

Super apps are gaining popularity not only in Asia but also in Latin American and African countries. Although there is a kind of digital gap due to economic backwardness, it is also being filled rapidly as the use of internet and smart phones is also increasing among the young generation of these countries. Chinese companies are also introducing cheap smartphones in these markets.

Why there are no super apps in europe:

Europe strict laws
Europe strict laws

There are many reasons why there are no super apps in Europe and America. Since China has created its own platforms to replace Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google, the competition has not been there. Chinese companies have a large population of their own country as consumers and no competition.

But the competition between companies in America and Europe is fierce. For example, Apple’s iMessage competes with Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger. This competition does not allow any one company to monopolize the market in such a way that it creates a super app.

Euorope’s privacy laws are very strict:

Another reason is that data privacy laws in China are not as strict as in Europe and America. Big Chinese companies have millions of users’ data that they use for their various services, but that doesn’t mean that Chinese users don’t care about their privacy.

In contrast, Europe is very sensitive about data privacy and its laws are quite strict.

Most of the super apps depend on the data of users. They may also use user data stored for one service for another service. Which is easy in a country like China, but very difficult in Europe and America.

Super apps in Pakistan:

super apps in Pakistan

Officially, there is no super app in Pakistan because for a while telecom companies did not go beyond call and message service and with the presence of apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, the role of telecom companies was reduced to that of an internet provider. .

Jazz once tried to launch a super app called Veon, modeled after China’s WeChat, but it failed. Because Pakistan is not China where Google’s alternative to Baidu, Amazon’s alternative to Alibaba and Facebook and WhatsApp’s alternative to WeChat exist.

Despite this, telecom companies are offering facilities like digital payments, banking, shopping and mobile top-up through their apps. Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa and U Bank are examples of this.

Easypaisa and Jazz cash, may be a super app:

Now the specific network issue is also eliminated. Irrespective of your network, you can open an Easy Paisa account. EasyPaisa and JazzCash are providing almost all facilities except message and call. Maybe one of them will become a super app in the near future.


Save Time and Stay Organized with WhatsApp Pin Message Feature



pinned messages whatsapp

Meta has announced a new pinned message feature for the globally popular messaging platform WhatsApp that will allow users to pin a chat to the home window.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, WhatsApp has introduced several new features over the past few weeks.

Recently, the feature of sending audio messages once became part of the Meta-owned app, now the feature of pinning messages has been introduced in WhatsApp.

According to WhatsApp management, pinned messages allow users to highlight important messages in both group and individual chats, this feature is designed to save users time by making it easy to find important messages quickly. be

Earlier WhatsApp users could pin chats but it was not possible to pin messages within chats but now it will be possible to do so.

WhatsApp ensures that all message types including text, polls, images, emojis and more can be pinned and kept end-to-end encrypted, the tech company said.

According to the company, this feature has been introduced for users using the Android, iOS and desktop versions. This feature works in the same way as pin chats, i.e. a single message can be pinned within a chat, which On opening this chat window will be visible at the top but unlike pin chats the pin messages will be removed after a certain time.

When a user pins a message, they will see 24 hours, 7 days and one month options and by default a pinned message will be automatically deleted after 7 days. This feature will work in individual chats as well as group chats.

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How to Buy a used iPhone | Step by Step Guide



How to buy a used iPhone

Hi Friends! If you are going to market for buying a used iphone, or you have a plan to buy an used iPhone of any series, so you are at right place. In today’s blog post we are providing you the key guidelines for buying an used iphone. So let’s start.

Here we are providing you some points which you should have in your mind before buying an used iphone. And by applying these, you would probably buy a best used iphone.

1. Physical Overview + buttons:

This is a very general practice of almost all the persons who buy a used iphone. That they always inspect the iphone by its physical appearance. But during this physical inspection, you should have to do the some core things. In which the number one is buttons. Many times people forgot to inspect the volume and power on/off buttons. The buttons should be clicky and relaxable. They should not be sticky.

2. Beware of Tempered glass scam:

Many iphone owners guard their iphones using a sheet or tempered glass. But when you are buiyn that iphone you should have to check it thoroughly. I mean you should remove that sheet or tempered glass to check the original physical condition of that specific iPhone.

3. Sim tray and IMEI number:

used iPhone Buying guide

The other important thing is sim tray. The IMEI number of the iphone is written on the sim tray. So you should have to verify that imei number to check that the iphone is not refurbished or opened. Specifically if you are buying the used iphone in Pakistan, you can verify that IMEI number on PTA DIRBS official website to make sure it is PTA approved and can be used in Pakistan. And this also show that the sim tray is of this phone and not replaced.

4. Cameras:

The number 4th thing to check when buying an used iPhone is the camera’s condition. You should have to make sure that there is no dust in cameras. Many times the dust particles secures a place in front of camera glass. So you should avoid buying such kind of phones as the camera’s result would be of low quality or dusty.

5. Display Panel:

How to buy an used iphone

The most important thing in my opinion is checking the display panel. The method of checking the display panel is by pressing it from all the four corners of the phone. You should have to make sure that display is not forcing outwards after pressing it. If the display is not setelled down in the phone correctly, it means it is opened or refurbished.

6. Issues regarding previous apple ID:

When you have finalized the decision of buying a used iPhone, so you should have to make sure to logout seller from his own apple ID. And you should make your apple ID and log in on that specific iPhone with your own Apple ID. This check can safe you from buying a bypass Apple iphone. When the seller log out from his ID, make sure to factory reset the iPhone first before logging in with your apple ID.

How to check if iPhone is water packed(sealed) or Not?

Many users have confusion regarding checking the iPhone is water packed or not. So there is a simple method. Just pull out the sim tray from iPhone, and apply the air using your mouth. if the pressure is building, it means it is waterpacked. and if the air is leaking, it means that this iPhone is not water packed.

7. Checking the valid purchase date:

How to buy used iphone

By checking the valid purchase date you should go to settings and the general. The go to about in iPhone general settings and copy the serial number. Then open the web browser and type Apple coverage. Then open the firs site appeared in search results (official Apple Site). Follow the procedure and paste the Copied serial number on this site. It will tell the valid purchase date of iPhone. This test is to make you safe from buying the converted iPhones. In the market, there are many iPhones which are converted from old model to new ones. So do not buy these phones.

8. How to check that iPhone battery health is original or boosted?

So friends, this is the most demanding question that how to check that The battery health of iPhone is original or artificially boosted? So there is not a specific method but we can guide you for some tools that can help to detect the original battery health of an iPhone. First of all presenting you the homemade method. And that is that burst mode. Firstly check the battery health before performing this test. Open the camera, in burst mode, hold the capturing button for about 10-15 seconds. Now again check the battery health. Usually during this test, battery health of a used iPhone falls 1-2%. but if this fall becomes more than this then it means there is a faulty battery or a boosted battery health.

The next method is checking by using 3u Tools. This is a tool which gives you complete information regarding your iPhone. But here we are concerned with the battery health checking. To check the original battery health you should have to compare two stats. One is battery health and other is Charging cycles. If there is a lot of difference between battery health and charging cycles, it means there is some problem. For example if battery health is more than 95 in 70 charging cycles or 100 charging cycles, it is good. But if there are showing more than 1000 charging cycles and battery health is still more than 95% so this is a boosted battery health.

9. Use Phone doctor plus app to safe time:

When you are in the market so you do not have much time to check each and every thing. But it is necessary to check these things. For this, just download the app Phone doctor plus from the app store and it will check the each function of the phone for you.

10. Display change but Genuine apple part:

used iPhone buying guide

Now a days, Genuine apple part display iPhones are in a large variety in the markets. So our opinion is that if there is a certified Genuine apple part written in the Parts and service history, so nothing wrong with it. Because it means that display is changed but the part is imported from official apple Company. But if There is written an unknown part, then miss out that phone because the display is not genuine. To check this, go to general settings in iPhone and the go to About section. Scroll below and click Parts and service history. You can Find this information here.

See more about iPhone 15 back glass failure here

So dear readers that was our 10 points strategy to buy an used iPhone. We hope this will add value to your life and iphone journey. Please follow our website for more these types of guides and walkthroughs and do not forget to share with you friends. Thanks!

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Meet RT-2: The AI System That Can Teach Robots New Tricks




Imagine a cutting-edge AI system that can teach robots to do things they were never specifically trained for. Well, that’s precisely what Google DeepMind has achieved with their new creation called RT-2. This groundbreaking model learns from both web-based data and information gathered from real-world robotics experiences, enabling it to give simple yet effective instructions to robots.

Testing Phase of RT-2:

In the testing phase, RT-2 was challenged with tasks that were completely new to it, not part of its initial training. For example, it was asked to arrange oranges in a matching bowl, something it had never done before. To tackle these unfamiliar tasks, RT-2 tapped into the vast knowledge it had accumulated from the web data it learned. And impressively, it succeeded in completing these actions with a 62% success rate – that’s twice as good as its predecessor, RT-1.

Ability to work on New Commands:

But what makes RT-2 truly remarkable is its ability to adapt and think on its feet. It can figure out new commands and respond effectively, even when those tasks were never part of its training data. For instance, when asked to find an object that could serve as a hammer, RT-2 astutely identified a rock as the most suitable option.

Moreover, RT-2’s cognitive prowess goes beyond single-step problem-solving. It can reason through multiple stages, devising clever solutions to complex challenges. In one test, it ingeniously concluded that a rock would make a perfect makeshift hammer, displaying a level of reasoning similar to how humans would approach the problem. Another time, when commanded to push a bottle of ketchup towards a blue cube, RT-2 achieved the objective, despite having no prior knowledge of any objects except the cube.

This breakthrough by Google DeepMind signifies a major leap forward in the realms of artificial intelligence and robotics. RT-2’s capability to learn from web data and apply that knowledge to real-life tasks opens up exciting possibilities for the future of robotics. As the technology continues to evolve, we could witness the emergence of versatile and helpful robots that can seamlessly integrate into various human-centered environments. While there’s still much work to be done, RT-2 offers a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come in the fascinating world of robotics.

Some Questions You may want to Know About RT-2:

1. What is RT-2?

RT-2 is an advanced AI model developed by Google DeepMind for robotics. It can teach robots to perform tasks beyond its initial training data, thanks to its ability to learn from web data and apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios.

2. How does RT-2 learn to perform new tasks?

RT-2 learns from a combination of web-based data and information collected from real-world robotics experiences. It uses this diverse knowledge to give robots simple instructions for performing various tasks.

3. What is the success rate of RT-2 in performing new tasks?

In tests, RT-2 achieved a 62% success rate in carrying out tasks that were not part of its initial robotic training data. This is twice as successful as its predecessor, RT-1.

4. Can RT-2 understand and communicate with robots?

Yes, RT-2 can effectively communicate with robots by providing them with clear and actionable instructions. It can direct robots to carry out tasks that it was not explicitly trained for.

5. Does RT-2 demonstrate reasoning capabilities?

Absolutely! RT-2 showcases remarkable reasoning capabilities, allowing it to figure out new user commands and tasks that were not present in its initial training data. It can even perform multi-stage semantic reasoning to solve complex challenges.

6. How does RT-2 adapt to new situations?

RT-2’s adaptability comes from its ability to draw upon the diverse knowledge it acquired from web-based data. It can translate this knowledge into useful instructions, enabling it to tackle new and unfamiliar tasks effectively.

7. What is DeepMind’s view on RT-2’s impact on robotics?

Google DeepMind sees RT-2 as a significant breakthrough in artificial intelligence and robotics. They believe it brings us closer to a future of helpful and more general-purpose robots that can operate in various human-centered environments.

8. How can RT-2 enhance interactions with robots?

RT-2’s ability to teach robots new tasks and communicate effectively with them can significantly enhance human-robot interactions. It opens up possibilities for robots to be more adaptable and helpful in diverse situations.

9. What future possibilities does RT-2 present for robotics?

RT-2’s success in learning from web data and applying that knowledge to real-world tasks offers exciting possibilities for the future of robotics. As the technology advances, we could see robots becoming more versatile, capable, and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. The potential for helpful robots in various human-centered environments is just within reach.

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