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online courses with certificate free

Many students wants to earn a free online certificate. And they are constantly in search of online courses with certificate free. In this post we will see that how many online courses in Pakistan are there and how many of them are absolutely free. So let’s begin.

Online courses in Pakistan:

Pakistan, by good luck, is in the list of those countries which can access the online education all over the world. All Pakistani students are eligible to enroll in any course which the top rank universities are offering.

But there are also some trusted platforms which offer online courses with certificate free. Not all the courses are free, but many of them can be studied free. The sources include Cousera, Udemy and many other platforms.

But first of all we will explore online courses in Pakistan.


Digiskills is the largest online skills learning platform in Pakistan. It was introduced by government of Pakistan back in 2017. The purpose behind digiskills was to empoer the digital skills of the Pakistani students. The courses it offers are totally free and every year they educate up to 1 million students for free. In every batch, Digiskills enroll about 250,000 students on first come first serve basis. The main course which is compulsory for all the new students is freelancing. And with freelancing, students can select 1 more course of their choice. There are about 12 courses in Digiskills lms platform. But a student can enroll in up to 2 courses at a time. Many students have utilized the platform and have started their online earning journey in a very happy way. to read the success stories of digiskills pk click here

Digiskills lms courses:

  • Freelancing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Video editing and animation
  • Creative writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Serac engine optimization(SEO)
  • Creative writing
  • Auto cad

Moreover, Digiskills is the only great platform in Pakistan which is offering a free certificate on course completion. That makes it an amazing digital hub for students.

Now come towards the online courses with certificate free from all over the world. And which are easily accessible to Pakistani Students.

Online courses with certificate free: From the outside world

The outerworld platforms like udemy and coursera are not totally free. May be they are offering an online course for free but the certificate has a particular fee. But don’t worry we are here to assist you.

Coursesra online courses:

Almost all the digital and non digital online courses are offered by coursera. You can learn from this platform for free. but if you need a degree or certification, then you have to pay a small fee for that. The amount of the fee depends on the course nature.

Udemy online courses:

Udemy is the largest platform for online courses. But it is not a free tool. Best teachers are there to assist you from all over the world but they charge a handsome amount for this.

By the way especially for Pakistani students, we recommend that they should sign up for the digi skills platform. And start their online learning journey. As it is purely for students and at zero cost.

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