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Sell your class notes| Online earning in Pakistan for students



Online earning in Pakistan

Hey Students, Proinfodesk is now providing information about online earning in Pakistan for students. There are many online earning websites in Pakistan. But our platform always shares tested online earning websites in Pakistan. So that students can earn a handsome passive income just by using their knowledge and keyboard.

Online earning in Pakistan for students:

As you all know that today’s world is a digital world and everyone can utilize it to make money online. But now we are sharing the best and most legit website for students for online earning in Pakistan. All you need to make an account on the study pool website and start earning by following the below steps.

Now sell your class notes and assignments:

The study pool is the best platform for students for online earning in Pakistan. They provide the facility of selling your documents, class notes, and also assignments. Just upload your documents and get paid 10$ when every single person views your answer.

There are many categories in which students can help other students by selling their notes. And Study pool accepts answers and notes in all languages. So this is the best opportunity for students who want online earning in Pakistan.

Easy procedure for selling class notes:

Every student has a past study material that he/she does not use at all. Better make money from it. Here’s the procedure for selling your notes to other students.

First of all, click here to make an account on the Study pool 

  • They will ask for email and password which is quite simple.
  • Once your account is ready you will see a dashboard as in the image

online earning in Pakistan

  • You should provide your general information
  • There is an icon named “Sell docs”
  • Click on the icon and start uploading your documents. Which may be your class notes, assignments, etc
  • The rules for uploading documents are given there.
  • Earn 10$ each time your document is viewed.
  • This is the best opportunity for students for online earning in Pakistan. And it is earning without investment.

Those students who want to teach online. The study pool platform also encouraged them and there is an option of becoming a tutor.

Those who want online earning in Pakistan by teaching, Should also visit the link and register themselves for a tutor. But tutor requirements are slightly difficult. you have to pass a short exam and you will be registered as a tutor. Tutors in the Study pool can earn up to 1000$/month.

So, students, this is the very legit website for online earning in Pakistan. Each student can earn up to 100$ by only selling notes.

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Online earning

What is Chat GPT and how does it works?



Chat GPT

Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to simulate conversation with human users through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots are often used in customer service to answer frequently asked questions and to provide assistance to users.

GPT (short for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”) is a state-of-the-art language processing AI developed by OpenAI. It is designed to generate human-like text and can be fine-tuned for a variety of language tasks, including translation, question answering, and language generation.

When GPT is combined with chatbot technology, the result is a chatbot that is able to generate human-like responses to user inputs. This type of chatbot is known as a chat GPT, or chatbot powered by GPT.

So, how does a chat GPT work?

First, the chat GPT is fed a large dataset of human-generated text. This dataset is used to train the chat GPT on how to generate natural language responses. Once the chat GPT has been trained, it can be used to generate responses to user inputs in real-time.

When a user interacts with a chat GPT, they may type a question or statement into a chat window. The chat GPT will then analyze the user’s input and generate a response based on its understanding of the user’s intended meaning.

Benefits of Chat GPT

One of the key benefits of chat GPTs is their ability to generate highly personalized responses. Because they are powered by GPT, they are able to understand the context and meaning of user inputs and generate responses that are tailored to the individual user.

For example, if a user asks a chat GPT about the weather in their location, the chat GPT will be able to generate a response that includes the current weather conditions in that specific location.

Another benefit of chat GPTs is their ability to handle a wide range of topics. Because they are trained on a large dataset of human-generated text, they are able to understand and generate responses on a wide variety of topics. This makes them a useful tool for customer service, as they are able to assist users with a wide range of issues and questions.

In addition to their use in customer service, chat GPTs are also being used in a variety of other applications, including e-commerce, education, and entertainment.

Overall, chat GPTs are a powerful tool for simulating conversation with humans. By combining the language processing capabilities of GPT with chatbot technology, chat GPTs are able to generate personalized, human-like responses to user inputs, making them a useful tool for a variety of applications.

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Online earning

Google Scholarships for Pakistani Students



Google Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Social Media platform google has announced 15,000 google scholarships for Pakistani Students. While in addition to this, the digital training opportunities will also be provided under the Scholarships google certificates.

In this regard google has introduced career certificates aimed to providing Pakistanis with flexible learning pathways. So that they acquire the most sought-after digital skills required for employment.

In its mission to ‘Unlock Pakistani’s Digital Potential’, google has reinforced its commitment by awarding 15,000 scholarships this year through its local partners; Institute of Rural Management (IRM) and Ignite.

According to the report by Alpha Beta, if fully exploited, Digital technologies could generate an annual economic growth of 9.7 trillion PKR in Pakistan by 2030.

This effort is an expression of Google’s commitment under which google wants to play an important role in ensuring the development of countries digital ecosystems. This certification program will open up new opportunities and enable developers, students and teachers to grow faster.

For google Scholarships for Pakistani Students Click Here

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Online earning

Benefits of Online Tutoring In Pakistan



Online tutoring in Pakistan

Teaching physically has a good scope in Pakistan. But today we’re talking about the benefits of online tutoring in Pakistan.

Teaching is considered a good job in Pakistan. Every fresh graduate is looking for a teaching job in his relevant field to gain experience. But as we know that in Pakistan, there is massive competition. Because the population is greater than vacancies.

But in today’s world, you have access to all over the world. Everyone who has an online presence can succeed in his field very easily. This post aims to encourage fresh graduates to enhance their online presence. And to make them realize the massive online opportunities. Since this post is regarding teachers or those who have an interest in teaching. So we will only focus on online tutoring in Pakistan. The next opportunities will be discussed one by one in the future.

Online Tutoring in Pakistan:

Online tutoring in Pakistan is not a tough job. As many international online tutoring websites are encouraging teachers from all over the world to teach on their platforms. Many websites pay a handsome amount for online tutoring on their platform. So those students which are not getting teaching Jobs in Pakistan, should consider these websites.

These websites are profitable because the students on these websites are international. And once you have successfully selected for a tutor job, you can charge them as per your will. And the next thing which makes online tutoring in Pakistan profitable is that all the students pay the amount in US dollars. So if you are earning only 300 USD from there. It means that you are earning 60,000 PKR in Pakistan.

Mostly, people ignore these websites and opportunities. But we recommend that at least they should try their luck. The other great thing about online tutoring in Pakistan is that there is no cost to apply. You can build your profile for free and also apply for a tutor for free.

Yes, off course there is a skills assessment test. But if you have confidence in yourself, you can easily clear this test and got selected as a tutor.

So here are some websites, you should even all the fresh graduates should apply for online tutoring here:

Online tutoring Websites in Pakistan:

1. Chegg Tutors:

Online tutoring in Pakistan

Chegg is the largest online learning platform for students. As well as it has a great potential for tutors as well. The selection criteria for Chegg tutors require two verifications. One, You will provide a student ID card and the other you should have to provide University transcripts.

You should also have to upload a picture of yourself with a government issue card in hand. After verification, Chegg will take a test which a student should have to qualify to become a Chegg tutor. Chegg tutors can earn a handsome salary based on their work. The average earnings on Chegg for tutors is 20$ per hour.

2. Preply

Online tutoring in Pakistan
Preply online tutoring in Pakistan

The next great platform for online tutoring in Pakistan is Preply. Preply has a vast audience and several students from all over the world. You can also teach languages here. It has also selection criteria in which you have to pass the test. And secondly, you have to submit a short video including your portfolio. They will review it and in 3-5 business days they will contact you if you got selected.

3. Studypool:

Online tutoring in Pakistan

As described in earlier posts, the study pool is a great online educational system for both students and teachers. The good thing is that not only teachers can earn from studypool, but the students can also earn money by selling their notes. The guidelines for the study pool are given in the following post Click Here

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