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Threads vs Twitter: Which social media platform is right for you?



Threads vs Twitter

Threads vs Twitter, Which is the best? A new question featuring the Digital Space. The question gained popularity when Meta announced to release the Rival app against Twitter. Which is Known as Threads app. Threads app by instagram is no doubt an engaging addition to the digital and social media. And it has gained much popularity at the very first hours of its release. Some tech experts are considering it a big threat to the twitter. But its too early to pass these kind of statements as there is a lot of room for improvements for both apps.

In this article, we will comprehensively compare the threads app with the twitter and find out that either the features of the threads app worth it or not. So lets begin!

What is Threads app

Threads app by Instagram is a newly released app by Meta company. And the company claims it the best alternative of twitter. Threads app aims to compete with twitter in all aspects. Also it offers a different user experience from twitter to overcome the dissatisfaction of the twitter users. The threads app release by Meta is not Threads vs Twitter but Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk. However, the User experience has been changed in the new threads app but the features of Retweet, Share and likes are kept only by changing the name of retweet to Repost.

Threads Popularity

The new threads app has become the most downloaded app in just the few hours of its release. It reached over 22 million users in just a few hours. The reason behind this magic popularity of Threads is that it has been released by a well known company which has already billions of users. So the new app was pre promoted by Meta. And the second reason is that many Twitter users were dissatisfied with new money making policies of Elon Musk. Which compelled them to turn their face towards Threads app.

How to use and make account on threads app

For using Threads app you Don’t need to make an account on it. You only need to have an instagram account to use the threads app. So the question arises that can I use threads app without Instagram? The answer is NO. As threads app is only available for the users which have active Instagram account. If you want to use threads app and don’t have Instagram Account, You should first sign up For Instagram and then you can easily use threads app. Because when you open threads, there is only one option for login, and that is Login with Instagram.

By logging in to the threads app by using your Instagram account, you does not lose your Insta activity. And you can fetch the instagram account data to your threads app. That is the feature which makes it more engaging.

Threads’ success without ads: Monetization Policy

Initially, Meta has decided not to monetize the platform until it reaches 1 Billion Users. That also boosts the user interface of the app. As there are no ads running, you can enjoy the latest posts from your community. That is also a marketing strategy to boost up the user number of thread app. So we can say that threads is leading to the success without ads or monetization.

Threads integration with Instagram

The most valuable feature of threads app is its integration with Instagram. By this feature the content creators on instagram can migrate their followers to the new threads app. And in this way, they don’t have to wait for growing followers. They instantly get the reward of the hardwork they have done on instagram on threads app. Similarly you can also follow the same accounts on threads which you have recently followed on instagram. And yes Off course, for doing this they also should have an account on threads app. It means that they also should have connected their Instagram with the threads app.

Why Engagement is Higher on Threads: Insights from Users and Experts

Here are some features of the Threads app that can contribute to its potential success:

  1. Integration with Instagram: Threads requires users to have an Instagram account, which helps reduce bot activity and provides a built-in follower base. The integration allows for seamless migration and automatic following of Instagram followers on Threads.
  2. Ad-free experience: Unlike Twitter, Threads launches without ads, creating a more enjoyable and focused user experience.
  3. Sense of belonging: Threads aims to create a community where users feel like everyone is already present, fostering excitement and engagement.
  4. Fear of missing out (FOMO): The app ranks users based on registration time, adding a competitive element and encouraging users to sign up early. Users can also pre-emptively add people, capitalizing on the anticipation of others joining the platform.
  5. Enhanced engagement: Users on Threads report higher engagement compared to other platforms. This could be attributed to the sense of community, the automatic following of existing Instagram followers, and the excitement surrounding the app’s launch.

6 Reasons why Threads can be a Threat to Twitter

Yes, Threads has the potential to be a threat to Twitter. Here’s how:

  1. Unique User Experience: Threads offers a different user experience compared to Twitter, focusing on creating a sense of community, belonging, and excitement. This can attract users who are dissatisfied with Twitter’s current platform and looking for an alternative.
  2. Integration with Instagram: The integration with Instagram gives Threads an advantage by leveraging the existing user base of Instagram. This reduces the barrier to entry for users who are already active on Instagram and encourages them to try out Threads. The seamless migration of Instagram followers to Threads also helps creators by providing an instant follower base.
  3. Higher Engagement: Users have reported higher engagement on Threads compared to other platforms. This could be due to the automatic following of existing Instagram followers, the fear of missing out (FOMO) factor, and the absence of ads, creating a more enjoyable user experience.
  4. Zero Ads and Monetization Delay: Threads launches without ads and Meta has stated that they won’t focus on monetization until the app reaches a billion users. This approach contrasts with Twitter’s increasing ad presence and can be appealing to users who are tired of frequent advertisements.
  5. Potential for Scale: With Meta’s backing and the vast user base of Instagram, Threads has the potential to reach a large number of users. If it manages to attract a substantial user base, it could surpass Twitter’s user count, giving it a competitive edge.
  6. Room for Improvement: While Threads currently lacks some key features that Twitter offers, such as trending topics, Meta has plans to incrementally add features and improve the app. As Threads evolves and addresses its limitations, it could become a more compelling alternative to Twitter.

Threads vs Twitter: A battle of privacy and trust

Now we are going to do the detailed comparison between Threads and Twitter. Here is the comparison features of threads and Twitter.

User Base and Reach

If we discuss about the user base of twitter, it is massive. And similarly the user base of Meta platforms is also a huge number. But the problem arises when it comes to the data protection of their users. As we know that in just few hours, Threads has reached over 22 Million user base, but can they protect their personal Data? Lets have a look on recent Data Breaches of Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Threads vs Twitter data breaches

As far as Data breaches is concerned, both the companies has faced these kind of failures. And it is common that a company with large user base has been targeted for data breach. But let see which data breach mostly affected the users the most.

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal (2018)

This scandal was the biggest data Breach Scandal in 2018. A political consulting firm obtained the data of millions of users of Facebook without their consent. This scandal downgraded the trust score of Facebook and Facebook lose the trust of its loyal users.

Instagram’s Data Leak (2017)

Before Facebook Data Leaks scandal, Instagram has also faced the same thing. But at that time, Instagram was not acquired by Meta. In 2017, Instagram’s API malfunctioned and allowed hackers to access personal information of users. The data leak exposed the email addresses and mobile numbers of millions of instagram users.

Twitter’s Data Breach (2020)

Twitter’s Data breach was also a security breach, that targeted high profile accounts and companies. The purpose of the breach was cryptocurrency scam. Hackers gained unauthorized access and were asking the followers to send them bitcoins.

The most dangerous Data breach was the Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. As the number of users affected was very high. And the information was used for political purposes, Due to which Facebook started losing fans.

That’s why, Threads, which is the product of Meta, should be made fully secured. And also should follow major protocols for the data protection.

Features of twitter that makes it dominant over threads app

Here are some potential features of Twitter that contribute to its dominance over Threads:

Established User Base:

Twitter has a well-established and expansive user base, with millions of active users worldwide. Its longevity and large user community make it a go-to platform for real-time updates, discussions, and breaking news.

Trending Topics and News Discovery:

Twitter’s trending topics feature allows users to explore popular conversations and stay updated on the latest news and events. This feature differentiates Twitter as a news-first platform and offers users a comprehensive view of ongoing discussions.

Real-Time Engagement:

Twitter’s fast-paced and real-time nature enables users to engage in immediate conversations, respond to tweets, and participate in live events or discussions. The platform’s instantaneous feedback loop fosters interactive and dynamic engagement.

Robust Search and Discovery: Twitter’s advanced search capabilities allow users to find specific tweets, hashtags, or accounts based on their interests. The platform’s algorithmic suggestions and personalized recommendations help users discover new content and accounts relevant to their preferences.

Verified Accounts and Influencer Culture:

Twitter’s verified accounts feature adds credibility and authenticity to high-profile individuals, brands, and public figures. This verification system, combined with the platform’s influencer culture, attracts users who seek direct access to influential voices and thought leaders.

Extensive Third-Party Integration: Twitter offers a wide range of APIs and integrations that enable developers to create third-party applications, analytics tools, and social media management platforms. This ecosystem promotes innovation and extends the platform’s functionalities beyond its core features.

Threaded Conversations and Retweet Culture:

Twitter’s threaded conversations and retweet functionality allow users to engage in multi-participant discussions, share and amplify content, and contribute to viral trends. The platform’s retweet culture helps content reach a broader audience and promotes virality.

Hashtags and Topic Organization:

Twitter’s effective use of hashtags allows users to categorize and organize conversations around specific topics or events. Hashtags make it easier to discover and participate in discussions on subjects of interest, driving engagement and community building.

Advertising and Monetization Opportunities:

Twitter provides advertising options for brands and businesses to reach their target audiences, offering various ad formats and targeting capabilities. Its monetization strategies, including promoted tweets and accounts, provide revenue opportunities for content creators and influencers.

The Future of Threads App: What to Expect in the Next Release

Here are some potential improvements Instagram should consider in the new release of threads app. That could contribute to the success of the Threads app:

Enhanced Privacy Features:

Given the concerns surrounding data privacy, implementing robust privacy features within the Threads app would be crucial. This could include clear and transparent data handling policies, giving users more control over their data, and implementing stringent security measures to protect user information.

Trending Topics and News Integration:

To differentiate itself from other platforms and attract users seeking real-time news and discussions, Threads could introduce trending topics and news integration features. This would allow users to stay informed about current events and engage in conversations around popular topics, making Threads a go-to platform for news and discussions.

Customization and Personalization:

Providing users with options for customization and personalization of their profiles and feeds can enhance user engagement. This could include features such as customizable themes, layout options, and the ability to prioritize content from specific users or topics of interest.

Content Moderation and Safety Measures:

Implementing robust content moderation and safety measures is essential to maintain a positive and safe user experience. Threads should invest in effective algorithms and human moderation to identify and remove inappropriate or harmful content promptly. This would help create a welcoming environment for users and foster trust in the platform.

Monetization Strategies for Creators:

As Threads grows and attracts more creators, introducing monetization strategies for them would be beneficial. This could include options for creators to earn revenue through partnerships, sponsored content, or ad placements, thereby incentivizing content creation and attracting influential individuals to the platform.

User Feedback and Iterative Updates:

Continuously seeking user feedback and making iterative updates based on user needs and preferences is vital. Incorporating user suggestions, fixing bugs, and addressing concerns promptly can help improve the user experience and demonstrate a commitment to user satisfaction.


Save Time and Stay Organized with WhatsApp Pin Message Feature



pinned messages whatsapp

Meta has announced a new pinned message feature for the globally popular messaging platform WhatsApp that will allow users to pin a chat to the home window.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, WhatsApp has introduced several new features over the past few weeks.

Recently, the feature of sending audio messages once became part of the Meta-owned app, now the feature of pinning messages has been introduced in WhatsApp.

According to WhatsApp management, pinned messages allow users to highlight important messages in both group and individual chats, this feature is designed to save users time by making it easy to find important messages quickly. be

Earlier WhatsApp users could pin chats but it was not possible to pin messages within chats but now it will be possible to do so.

WhatsApp ensures that all message types including text, polls, images, emojis and more can be pinned and kept end-to-end encrypted, the tech company said.

According to the company, this feature has been introduced for users using the Android, iOS and desktop versions. This feature works in the same way as pin chats, i.e. a single message can be pinned within a chat, which On opening this chat window will be visible at the top but unlike pin chats the pin messages will be removed after a certain time.

When a user pins a message, they will see 24 hours, 7 days and one month options and by default a pinned message will be automatically deleted after 7 days. This feature will work in individual chats as well as group chats.

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How to Buy a used iPhone | Step by Step Guide



How to buy a used iPhone

Hi Friends! If you are going to market for buying a used iphone, or you have a plan to buy an used iPhone of any series, so you are at right place. In today’s blog post we are providing you the key guidelines for buying an used iphone. So let’s start.

Here we are providing you some points which you should have in your mind before buying an used iphone. And by applying these, you would probably buy a best used iphone.

1. Physical Overview + buttons:

This is a very general practice of almost all the persons who buy a used iphone. That they always inspect the iphone by its physical appearance. But during this physical inspection, you should have to do the some core things. In which the number one is buttons. Many times people forgot to inspect the volume and power on/off buttons. The buttons should be clicky and relaxable. They should not be sticky.

2. Beware of Tempered glass scam:

Many iphone owners guard their iphones using a sheet or tempered glass. But when you are buiyn that iphone you should have to check it thoroughly. I mean you should remove that sheet or tempered glass to check the original physical condition of that specific iPhone.

3. Sim tray and IMEI number:

used iPhone Buying guide

The other important thing is sim tray. The IMEI number of the iphone is written on the sim tray. So you should have to verify that imei number to check that the iphone is not refurbished or opened. Specifically if you are buying the used iphone in Pakistan, you can verify that IMEI number on PTA DIRBS official website to make sure it is PTA approved and can be used in Pakistan. And this also show that the sim tray is of this phone and not replaced.

4. Cameras:

The number 4th thing to check when buying an used iPhone is the camera’s condition. You should have to make sure that there is no dust in cameras. Many times the dust particles secures a place in front of camera glass. So you should avoid buying such kind of phones as the camera’s result would be of low quality or dusty.

5. Display Panel:

How to buy an used iphone

The most important thing in my opinion is checking the display panel. The method of checking the display panel is by pressing it from all the four corners of the phone. You should have to make sure that display is not forcing outwards after pressing it. If the display is not setelled down in the phone correctly, it means it is opened or refurbished.

6. Issues regarding previous apple ID:

When you have finalized the decision of buying a used iPhone, so you should have to make sure to logout seller from his own apple ID. And you should make your apple ID and log in on that specific iPhone with your own Apple ID. This check can safe you from buying a bypass Apple iphone. When the seller log out from his ID, make sure to factory reset the iPhone first before logging in with your apple ID.

How to check if iPhone is water packed(sealed) or Not?

Many users have confusion regarding checking the iPhone is water packed or not. So there is a simple method. Just pull out the sim tray from iPhone, and apply the air using your mouth. if the pressure is building, it means it is waterpacked. and if the air is leaking, it means that this iPhone is not water packed.

7. Checking the valid purchase date:

How to buy used iphone

By checking the valid purchase date you should go to settings and the general. The go to about in iPhone general settings and copy the serial number. Then open the web browser and type Apple coverage. Then open the firs site appeared in search results (official Apple Site). Follow the procedure and paste the Copied serial number on this site. It will tell the valid purchase date of iPhone. This test is to make you safe from buying the converted iPhones. In the market, there are many iPhones which are converted from old model to new ones. So do not buy these phones.

8. How to check that iPhone battery health is original or boosted?

So friends, this is the most demanding question that how to check that The battery health of iPhone is original or artificially boosted? So there is not a specific method but we can guide you for some tools that can help to detect the original battery health of an iPhone. First of all presenting you the homemade method. And that is that burst mode. Firstly check the battery health before performing this test. Open the camera, in burst mode, hold the capturing button for about 10-15 seconds. Now again check the battery health. Usually during this test, battery health of a used iPhone falls 1-2%. but if this fall becomes more than this then it means there is a faulty battery or a boosted battery health.

The next method is checking by using 3u Tools. This is a tool which gives you complete information regarding your iPhone. But here we are concerned with the battery health checking. To check the original battery health you should have to compare two stats. One is battery health and other is Charging cycles. If there is a lot of difference between battery health and charging cycles, it means there is some problem. For example if battery health is more than 95 in 70 charging cycles or 100 charging cycles, it is good. But if there are showing more than 1000 charging cycles and battery health is still more than 95% so this is a boosted battery health.

9. Use Phone doctor plus app to safe time:

When you are in the market so you do not have much time to check each and every thing. But it is necessary to check these things. For this, just download the app Phone doctor plus from the app store and it will check the each function of the phone for you.

10. Display change but Genuine apple part:

used iPhone buying guide

Now a days, Genuine apple part display iPhones are in a large variety in the markets. So our opinion is that if there is a certified Genuine apple part written in the Parts and service history, so nothing wrong with it. Because it means that display is changed but the part is imported from official apple Company. But if There is written an unknown part, then miss out that phone because the display is not genuine. To check this, go to general settings in iPhone and the go to About section. Scroll below and click Parts and service history. You can Find this information here.

See more about iPhone 15 back glass failure here

So dear readers that was our 10 points strategy to buy an used iPhone. We hope this will add value to your life and iphone journey. Please follow our website for more these types of guides and walkthroughs and do not forget to share with you friends. Thanks!

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Google is going to end Gmail’s beloved feature




Technology giant Google is going to end beloved feature of Gmail.

Gmail users who use the website’s HTML Basic View feature will no longer have this feature available from January 2024.

According to a notice in the company’s support patch, Gmail will only be available in Standard View from that date.
HTML BasicView is originally a 2007 design by Gmail that users often use over slow Wi-Fi. Standard view features such as chat box, spell check or contact importing are not loaded on this mode.

However, Pratik Patel, an expert in blind technology, warns that the feature being retired is a major setback for blind and partially sighted people.

He said that many blind people who use this mode of Gmail will not only be confused but also unhappy.

HTMLView makes the screen much easier for blind people to use. The standard interface is now available for use by the blind, but many people are left with the basic HTML version because that’s what they know how to use.

Pratik Patel added that it is not that standard interfaces are not available. But some people will not be ready to use this mode.

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